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early Quakers - Yorkshire in 1652

early Quaker places in Yorkshire

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1652 in Yorkshire.

O thou north of England, who art counted as desolate and barren,
and reckoned the least of the nations;
yet out of thee did the branch spring and the star arise
that gives light to all the regions round about.

[From 'To the camp of the Lord' (1655), Edward Burrough]

From the "Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project"

Quaker historical connections in Yorkshire

Places connected to 1652 - Fox's travels in the Dales:

Read Arthur Kincaid or David Boulton for details and explanations.

Wensleydale (and Swaldale)

Other locations:

Other Places in North Yorkshire:
Farfield, this restored building can be found near Bolton Abbey.
Low Bentham (Some times known as: Calf Cop meeting house), this 1768 building is still being used as a meeting house.
Knight Stainforth, where Samuel Watson (1620-1708) a member of Settle meeting lived.
Starbottom, the building at Brudge House served as a meeting house and has been restored.
Scale House was a Quaker centre from 1653 to 1675.
Rylstone Meeting House and burial ground (both now in private ownership) 1711 to 1813.

To find all Quaker meeting places across Yorkshire, and as well as all things Yorkshire and Quaker!
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