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Wednesday Meeting

The enquiring mind.

Future Wednesday Meetings, are planned for the following dates:

Sorry, no discussion groups are planned at present.

Wednesday Meetings Autumn Term

• 6th September: As well as planning and preparing for the new term, we spent time reflecting on Advices & Queries, number 5; the ensuing comments were wide-ranging.

• 20th September
We discussed various issues in relation to Advices & Queries, numbers 6 and 7.

• 4th October
Quaker Week: We held a half-hour Meeting for Worship.

• 18th October
We held an initial discussion preparatory to the forthcoming visit of John Grogan MP.<
We also shared our responses to a reading from Advices & Queries (number 8).

• 1st November
We shared our responses to a reading from Advices & Queries (number 9).

• 15th November
Ken and Evelyn introduced a discussion on the practices of Quakers in different parts of the world, highlighting the diversity in ways of worship and of approaching God.
Ken and Evelyn recommend this follow-up reading from Quaker Faith & Practice: 29.17.

• 29th November
o Worship Sharing, on the theme of ‘What I believe…’: Friends are invited to come to this meeting and share their personal thoughts, prompted by this initiating phrase. (Of course, Friends are welcome to not share their thoughts at all, and to just listen!)

• 13th December
o We will conclude the term by reading from Advices & Queries (from number 10).

Christmas Break .

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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