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Agenda for Craven and Keighley Area Meeting

Published on: Published on: Sunday 27 May 2018

Contributed by/From:
When: When: Saturday 09 Jun 2018
@ Where: Settle Quaker Meeting

Agenda for Craven and Keighley Area Meeting at Settle FMH starting at 10.30am on 9th June 2018

1. Substantive Issue. A consideration of how we can best support our Resident Friends
2. Advices and Queries Paragraph of Advices and Queries was read in our opening period of worship.
3. Minutes The minutes of our last meeting, held on 14th April 2018 in Bentham, have been circulated and are available at this meeting.
4. Matters arising from the minutes of our last meeting:
a. Update on handover from Brighouse. Leeds and Settle Buildings Charity
b. Update on Ride for Equality
c. Glenthorne weekend
d. QCCIR Visit from Ben Pink Dandelion

5. Plans for Quaker week
6. Financial Report
7. Reports
a. The Life of Bentham Meeting
b. Report on Yearly Meeting
c. Report on QPSW conference
d. Data Protection report

8. Membership matter
9. Date of our next meeting. The business of our meeting being concluded we separate, hoping to meet again in Airton on the 14th July 2018 if the Lord permits.

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