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Moazzam Begg - The Spiral of Violence

Published on: Published on: Sunday 04 Feb 2018

Contributed by/From: Contributed by / From: QiY

When: When: Thursday 22 Feb 2018
@ Where: Friargate Quakers (York)
details: 19:00 - 21:00

You are warmly invited to the final talk in the 2017/18 Peace Talk series, where we welcome Moazzam Begg back to York to share his reflections on the issues and events that continue to perpetuate a cycle of violence across the world.

Moazzam Begg is a British muslim who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US government in the Bagram Internment Facility and Guantanamo Bay detainment camp for nearly three years before being released without charge, following public campaigning in the UK. Since his release Moazzam has become a media commentator on international anti-terror measures and written a book on his experience of Guantanamo and alternatives to violence.

The event will be an opportunity to discuss and share thoughts on what has contributed to the rise of organisations like ISIS and the increase of other radicalised and extreme groups, their impact in the UK, and most importantly- alternative and peaceful ways of moving forward?

The event will be held in a spirit of learning with an opportunity for questions and open discussion.

We look forward to seeing you,

In peace and friendship

York Peace Talks Organisers

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