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2018 Book of Members and Attenders

Published on: Published on: Friday 12 Jan 2018

Contributed by/From: Contributed by / From: David Olver

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The 2018 Quakers in Yorkshire Book of Members and Attenders is on schedule to be ready in the New Year. Compiling the Book is a rewarding task which includes pleasure as well as being a significant undertaking: pleasure because I get to interact with the Friends who do the real, challenging work in our 39 local meetings. They have the challenge of compiling the lists of those who attend meetings and give their consent to be in the Book.

For many decades, QiY and its predecessors, has been publishing the Book every three years. It used to be printed as a small, compact but fat book. Now we try to get as much information as possible, readably, on to an A5 page. There is often a lot of work converting the local lists, which come in many different formats, into the QiY house style. It takes time but the results are hopefully rewarding - if Yorkshire Friends find it useful - as sales seem to indicate you do.

The Book contains the names of those who attend meeting. It is not an official membership register. The definition as to who to include is left to each local meeting because local circumstances differ. There is no formal definition of what we mean by an Attender.

This year local meetings have paid particular attention to ensuring that the data complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations which come into law next May. These emphasise what was implicit in the current regulations, namely that each person has to give consent as to how their data is used. Some Friends choose to have only their names printed, others to show limited contact details.

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