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Quaker response to the rise in racism and hate crime since the referendum.

Published on: Published on: Tuesday 19 Jul 2016

Contributed by/From: Contributed by / From: Craven & Keighley AM

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The outcome of the EU referendum has led to an alarming rise in racist attacks across the country. statement made on behalf of Craven & Keighley AM, meeting at Airton on 9th July 2016.

In common with many other people, Quakers have been dismayed by this and therefore wish to publically affirm our welcome to all people whatever their heritage. We believe that our local community is richer for its variety of people, some of different cultures but born in Britain, others newly arrived from other parts of Europe or the rest of the world. We wish to reassure those who may be feeling vulnerable that they continue to be very welcome and that they remain an integral part of the community. As a local community we rely on the skills of these workers: at our hospitals, our surgeries, our nursing homes, our schools, our restaurants, our market stalls etc. without them our lives would be much depleted.

We remind ourselves that people already here have every right to be here and are contributing to our society. For those who are refugees fleeing violence and persecution we can feel only compassion in the knowledge that we have so much to share. Quakers nationally have made a statement – ‘Building bridges after the referendum’ which states, in part,

“The outcome of the EU referendum and the campaigning that led up to it have shown up and sometimes exacerbated divisions within and between our communities. There is now a great need for bridge-building, for reaching out to one another in love, trusting that below the political differences lie a shared humanity and a wish for flourishing communities. Whatever way we individually voted let us reach out to one another in love so that our community will flourish”.

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