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Time: 11:-- to 12:30 on-li
Published: 03 December 2021
Contributed by: Quake!
What impact has online Quakerism had on you?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many Quaker churches and meeting houses around the world had to close their doors.

As a result, many Friends moved online to worship, run their business meetings, and gather as a community.

What impact has the shift to online Quakerism had on you?

At FWCC, as part of an international community we are keenly aware of the differing opportunities for Friends to get visas to travel to our in-person meetings, but we are also aware of those who cannot join our online meetings due to a lack of internet access or suitable technology. As we move into a more technological world of Quakerism there are important questions to consider. What are the benefits to our global community? Who is now able to be at the table that wasn’t before? How do Quakers who sing and dance in their worship do so online?

During this event we will hear perspectives from Michael Eccles, Executive Secretary of the FWCC Europe and Middle East Section, and Bainito Wamalwa, Clerk of the FWCC Africa Section.

Come, listen and learn as we explore what impact the shift to online Quakerism has had on you and Friends around the world.

Join the FWCC Quaker Conversations series at 11am on Saturday 4 December.

Indexed as: Friends World Committee for Consultation

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