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Published: 26 November 2021
Contributed by: Quake!
Militarism Fuels Climate Crisis

The Global Campaign on Military Spending UK, which QPSW is a part of, has produced a new campaigners guide:

Militarism Fuels Climate Crisis

The March 2021 ‘defence’ review pledged a 14% hike in military spending,1 the largest in almost 70 years.2 It also abandoned decades of reductions in nuclear weapons with an increase of 44% in the UK nuclear stockpile.

The October 2021 Autumn Budget details all spending on national carbon reduction as laid out in the Net Zero Strategy (inc transport, energy generation, heat in buildings etc.). The ‘strategy’ has only a 50% chance of meeting the government’s own target for 2035, which many scientists already view as insufficient to prevent runaway climate chaos.

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