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Published: 10 September 2021
Contributed by: QR
Witnessing against the arms trade at DSEI

Our Quaker community is a gathering together of peacemakers.

We gather, we sit together in silent worship, and we disperse again, knowing that the work of peace cannot be accomplished in our meeting houses, it can only begin there.

We are convinced that the making of peace demands us to return to our world in love, to stand firm in public, to confront the “powers and principalities", and to assert that in this time of permanent war, no government which involves itself in the arms trade, no government relying on and colluding with a militarised system, can govern well or for the benefit of all. We are resolute and will not submit before a governing hand that subsidises, facilitates and profits from the sale of weapons to ruthless dictators in our name.

Ann Bettys, a Quaker from Huddersfield Meeting and a member of the Quaker Roots core team, has written a blog which outlines the Quaker action taking place against the DSEI arms fair. It also shares some ideas for Quakers who wish to take action outside London. Read more here - - >

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