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When: Wednesday 31 Mar 2021

Time: 19:00 Zoom
Published: 06 March 2021
Contributed by: Arthur Pritchard
Loving and Dying

Chrissie Hinde informs us that Sheffield and Balby Area Meeting have organised for a free film showing of ‘Love & Dying’

which makes a case for Assisted Dying. (UK 57mins) on Weds 31st March at 7pm. The film will be followed directly with a chance to log in to a zoom Q and A with Jill and David George, the filmmakers.

We wish to extend this opportunity to Quakers in Yorkshire. If you're interested please book a place by following the link below in good time as places are limited.

About the film 'Loving and Dying'

Isle of Wight based documentary makers David & Jill George have released their film 'Love & Dying' (UK 57mins), which asks if there should be a change in the current law relating to assisted dying. The film is entirely independent, not commissioned, and free to view.

The choice to access assisted dying for terminally ill adults is supported by 84% of the public. In this country over 300 dying people end their own lives every year. Assisting someone to die is against the law and could risk a 14 year prison sentence. Every eight days a Briton travels to Dignitas in Switzerland for help to die.

It is important that the debate around assisted dying continues.

The film's makers said, "We tell the moving stories of two families who have been directly affected by terminal illness and its consequences. We are convinced that a new law should allow those with an incurable illness, that have mental capacity and and are suffering intolerably, to bring their own lives to an end. We hope our film will assist the debate."

Much of their previous work over the last decade has been broadcast. 'Mate Crime' (2018), about the exploitation of young people with learning disabilities, was shown at the Royal Society of Medicine.

'Wightwash' (2019), about the troubled Isle of Wight Eco Island project was widely praised - " Excellent, up there with the Panoramas and other good investigative film journalism.", "Fearless independent reportage."

‘Love & Dying’ (2020), about two families who have been directly affected by terminal illness and its consequences - “Brilliant, riveting”, "Amazingly powerful”, “A beautifully made film”.

Book to see this film by booking with Evenbrite by clicking here.

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