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Remembrance is just the beginning

Published on: Published on: Friday 16 Nov 2018

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Upwards of half a million children were brought together this week to be inspired by peace. On the centenary of the armistice to end World War I, they reflected on the losses of war, determined to build a century of peace.

Across the UK, from Belfast to Bristol, Southampton to Scotland, INSPIRE Remembrance for Peace events were held in school assemblies, churches and mosques.

One thousand London children filled Quakers' huge hall in Friends House for a moving mixture of drama, music and reflection. They folded hundreds of cranes [Japanese birds -symbols of peace] and poppies to create a peace tree installation. Young voices spoke of civil war, of learning to disagree without a fight, of pick ups, rather than put downs, of not fighting over land and of knowing that everyone matters “because that's what makes us truly human". And they stood in silence for two>
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