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for them and the people who work with them.

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Journeys in the Spirit newsletter December 2021

The latest newsletter provides information and ideas that support your work with youth, children, and families.

Children’s Meeting Network

Support network for those working with and for children in the local meeting.

How can we build all-age communities?

Many meetings want to be open to people of all ages.

War & Militarism a new Quaker film

This 11 minute film reflects on the centenary of World War I and current conflict.

Journey's in the Spirit newsletter (October)

Children and youg people

Talking about Afghanistan with young people

Children and young people may have been affected by events in Afghanistan and/or be talking about what they have seen / heard

An introduction to peace education

Woodbrooke is repeating this popular six-week online course exploring the theory and practice of peace education

Septembers Journeys in the Spirit newsletter online.

It's a monthly round up of information, opportunities and resources to support children,

Child protection in religious organisations

Quakers in Britain have welcomed the publication of an investigation report into child protection in religious organisations

Loving Earth Project young people's meditation

The Loving Earth project is helping people engage creatively with the climate crisis and by having real conversations,

Help plan Junior Yearly Meeting 2022

We are looking for 15- to 18-year-olds to help us with planning and facilitating Junior Yearly Meeting 2022.

An introduction to peace education

This popular six-week online course is for teachers, youth workers, parents/carers or anyone working with children

Journeys in the Spirit newsletter (July)

The July edition of the Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is now online,

Journeys in the Sprit June edition

The June edition of the Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is now available online.

Summer events for young people

This summer Quaker events for young people will be happening in-person up and down the country.

Supporting work with young people and families

The May edition of the Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is now online.

Online youth groups

Young Quakers from across Britain have an opportunity to join together for fun, worship and discussion

Journeys in the Spirit newsletter

April's Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is here,

Taking pictures

A short guide about taking pictures that mean something, inspire. How to record what happens.

All age Worship

Skipton meeting is encouraging all to come to there "All age Worship" for further details contact there Clerk.

Support for those working with young people

Join this networking opportunity for all those working with Quaker young people (aged 11–18)

Support for children's and all-age meetings

Our next support session for people involved in children’s and all-age worship is taking place online on Thursday 15th April

Journeys in the Spirit newsletter

The March edition of the Journeys in the Spirit newsletter is now online.

Making change happen in Rwanda

"Not only are young people key drivers of change in Rwanda, they are powerful allies,

The Peace Crane Project

Are your students ready to change the world?

Living our beliefs

'Living Our Beliefs' is a small book exploring the faith and practice of Quakers.

Quakers In Yorkshire Meeting

Quakers in Yorkshire are again using zoom to hold there January meeting.

Journeys in the spirit

The December edition of the Journeys in the spirit newsletter for those working with children

Quaker HIVE

!There are those who say to you – we are rushing this issue of civil rights. I say we are 172 years late. ” Hubert Humphrey

Discovering, growing and nurturing Quaker communities

A Quaker Life catalogue of resources for meetings Ministry & Outreach and Children & Young People’s work

Young peoples books of the month


Books of the Month for Children & Young Adults from the Quaker Centre Bookshop.

March flyer from Quaker Centre Book Shop

Patterns and examples - Deep roots for strong communities.

Are you a role holder at a Quaker meeting? Would you benefit from a day of support,

Young Quakers Calendar

and other things!

Journeys in the Spirit

Resources to use with children and young people in a Quaker setting

Children and Youing Peoples books

Nothing ever happens here and other book suggestions for February.

Welcoming children and families

7 ways to welcome children and families to your Quaker meeting.

Nominations for Junior Yearly Meeting 2020

Please continue to consider whether there are young people who might benefit from attending JYM at Yearly Meeting Gathering.

Quaker Youth Work Conference

Networking and learning day for all involved in Quaker youth work, i.e. link group, teenage meeting, summer events.

2020 Vision

Finding Hope In Hard Times
For 13 to 17 year olds.

Young Peoples Book of the Month

With special seasonal attractions, some of the suggestions are:

Workshop on young people

Workshop on Children and Young People with Lee Lester, see Clerks for time and place etc.

Young Peoples Books

November 2019 editions of Books for Children & Young Adults Books of the Month from the Quaker Centre Bookshop.

The Young Quaker

The Young Quaker, Issue 22, October 2019 covering the themes of identity and values.

Want to go to Glasto?

Our Quaker tent will return to Glastonbury Festival in 2020, and we are looking for volunteers to help run it.

Exploring peace with local young people

Find out how a Quaker group reached out to local children over the summer to share a message of peace,

Young Peoples Book List - October

From the Quaker Centre Book Shop

The Young Quakers

the in-house magazine from Young Friends General Meeting. This issue has a particular focus on building bridges

The Young Quaker

This edition of the Young Friends General Meeting’s magazine

Yorkshire Junior Holidays 2016!

Our holidays are short adventure breaks for young people aged between 7 and 12, from the Quakers in Yorkshire area.

Quaker Week 2015 at The Mount Junior School

In The Mount Junior School we celebrated Quaker Week this year with the theme 'Social Consciousness’,

The Young Quaker

For Young Friends Everywher

Epistle of Junior Yearly Meeting

held at Lee Valley Youth Hostel, Cheshunt and Friends House, London 1-4 May, 2015
To all Friends everywhere,

Young People’s work in Yorkshire

Volunteers needed - From Quakers in Yorkshire Under 19s co-ordinating group.

Re: Imagine

A day for re-imagining children and young people’s work - 29 November 2014

Silent Motion

Young Adult Leadership Programme

Drama Workshop

The Leaveners will be at Airton Meeting House on Saturday 19th May - to take drama workshops with children and young people.

Junior Yearly Meeting in London

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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