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Militarism Fuels Climate Crisis

The Global Campaign on Military Spending UK, which QPSW is a part of, has produced a new campaigners guide:

Petition on Policing Bill

The UK government is trying to pass new legislation to limit the right to protest.

Alternative Security Review launch event

What is really needed for human and ecological security after COP26?

Remembering for peace

In sombre days of Remembrance, many Quakers choose to wear red or white poppies. Some wear both together.

War & Militarism a new Quaker film

This 11 minute film reflects on the centenary of World War I and current conflict.

Call to protect Palestinian civil society groups

The Israeli government has declared six Palestinian civil society groups “terrorist organisations".

War School film available for free

The Battle for Britain’s Children

Quaker contribution to a peaceful world?

Do you want to continue the past and present Quaker contribution to a peaceful world?

Talking about Afghanistan with young people

Children and young people may have been affected by events in Afghanistan and/or be talking about what they have seen / heard

Climate Emergency and Military Spending

We are in a climate emergency.

Calling on governments to work for peace

Quakers in Britain are among 200 peace organisations who have issued a joint statement.

AGM on military spending

The Global Campaign on Military Spending UK (GCOMS UK) inviting Quakers to join its AGM.

Quakers for Peace

Stop Arming Saudi Arabia!

Protesting against the arms trade

"The arms trade is wrong and hosting this event, trading lives for money, is profoundly immoral..."

An introduction to peace education

Woodbrooke is repeating this popular six-week online course exploring the theory and practice of peace education

Reflecting on 11 September

This Saturday marks 20 years since the 11 September terrorist attacks in the United States

Taking action against the arms fair

The DSEI arms fair is due to take place this September in East London.

Take action to help end the occupation

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) UK & Ireland has a new online action centre.

Quaker resistance to the DSEI arms fair

The Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair is taking place again this September in East London.

Witnessing against the arms trade at DSEI

Our Quaker community is a gathering together of peacemakers.

Afghanaid school recipe book

Afghan food is steeped in culture and tradition, with the various culinary specialities

Messages for COP26

Lin Patterson, is collecting messages

Afghan refugees

Quakers urge UK government to recognise responsibility for Afghan refugees

Nationality and Borders Bill

Quakers in Britain is working with QARN to respond to the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

76 years ago on 6 August 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima followed by a second on Nagasaki on 9 August.

Keighley vigil remembers dropping of atomic bombs

AROUND 25 people gathered in Keighley's Town Hall Square for a vigil

Quaker resistance to the DSEI arms fair

The DSEI arms fair is due to take place this September in East London. Quakers are joining with others to #StopDSEI.

Sanctuary Everywhere to Loving Earth

"Global military emissions, including the arms industry, are estimated to be around 6% – more than civil aviation at 5%."

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Cranes for our Future is encouraging people around the world to create a message of hope

Against drone tests

Quaker Peace & Social Witness has endorsed protests against US military drone tests in UK skies.

Vigil to Remember

The dropping of the first atomic bombs.

Crafting peace

The UK government is currently pressing ahead with its plans to increase its number of nuclear warheads by 44%.

Everyday solidarity: love in action

"For me, the word 'solidarity' conjures thoughts, feelings, and actions that are rooted in mutuality, cooperation,

An introduction to peace education

This popular six-week online course is for teachers, youth workers, parents/carers or anyone working with children

Poetry resource for young people and teachers

Watch a video of the hard-hitting spoken work by Potent Whisper,

Rebuilding society through peacemaking and disarmament

"...we need to build a humane, nonviolent and sustainable society that adequately invests in vital public services,

6 actions you can take for Palestine and Israel

The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel suggest some simple actions to take

East Africa - Turning the Tide

We work together with local partners in Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi to implement our Turning the Tide (TTT) programme.

Why peace needs practice

Atiaf Alwazir highlights the importance of peace education in a blog from our recent conference with the QCfEA

Campaign update: military spending

The recent international #DefundTheMilitary twitter action has reached of over 34 million Twitter accounts.

Key issues for peacemakers

QPSW is a member of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations,

Engaging with conflict and challenging hate.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world" - Ann Frank, Diarist.

Quakers improve new law

Quakers and other campaigners have secured a key change to the Overseas Operations Bill.

What's wrong with the Armed Forces Bill?

Ellis Brooks outlines the key Quaker concerns about the Armed Forces Bill,

Twitter action: #DefundTheMilitary

Quakers influence Overseas Operations Bill

Quakers and other campaigners have persuaded members of the House of Lords to vote for a key change to the Overseas Operations Bill.

Quakers and the peace movement.

Welcome to QPSW Spring Sessions 2021 - What love can do: How Quaker faith impels us to act in the world.

Campaigning for peace together with your “opponent”

Welcome to QPSW Spring Sessions 2021 - What love can do: How Quaker faith impels us to act in the world.

Conversations with Quaker activists

Welcome to QPSW Spring Sessions 2021 - What love can do: How Quaker faith impels us to act in the world.

My brothers keeper

A British short film about a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay and his guard who reunite after 13 years,

How Quakers can respond to the government's new immigration plan

"How can we claim to be upholders of peace if we accept proposals which are silent on the conflicts

The right to protest: it's not over

"If the bill became law, it would severely limit the right to protest.

Conscience webinar

'Exploring the history of conscientious objection to military taxation' will include three Quaker speakers.

Making your money work for good

The UK Nuclear Weapons Financing Research Group is an interfaith initiative that includes Quakers in Britain.

Quakers call for an end to the use of force in Gaza

From the Kindertransport in Europe in the 1930’s to early childhood education

It's not OK

Britain and the arms trade.

Why protest shouldn’t be prevented

"A key part of Quaker faith is putting that faith into action, trying to change the world using nonviolent methods...

Churches oppose stockpiling of nuclear weapons

'Global Britain' should strive for peaceful and cooperative international relationships..."

Restorative justice campaign

Why Me? – an organisation that Quakers in Britain work with – has a new campaign.

Working with decision-makers in challenging times

Welcome to QPSW Spring Sessions 2021 - What love can do: How Quaker faith impels us to act in the world.

Planning for action on demilitarisation

In the midst of the pandemic, the government has announced the biggest % increase in military spending in almost 70 years.

Why the nuclear debate must uplift women’s voices

"What happens when we look at nuclear issues with women in frame?"

Nobel nominations

The Nobel peace prize shines a spotlight on how groups worldwide work for peace.

Making change happen in Rwanda

"Not only are young people key drivers of change in Rwanda, they are powerful allies,

Event: Annual peace lecture

‘Can war be abolished? Britain’s role in working for world peace’

Longterm aims for Quaker Peace & Social Witness renewed

2021 is a year of exciting change within Quaker Peace & Social Witness. A new five year strategy,

The first Around Europe of 2021 is here!

Dear readers and supporters,
We are happy to send you the first issue of Around Europe in 2021.

Sign up for the biggest European Quaker conference in 2021!

Are you interested in peace education? Would you like to meet people from across Europe and beyond,

Getting to the root of things: peace, crime and justice

Hundreds of years ago, one of the founders of Quakerism, George Fox,

Nobel Peace Prize nominations for 2021

The American Friends Service Committee and Quaker Peace & Social Witness have nominated two organisations,

Help end the finance of nuclear weapons

As part of the Nuclear Weapons Financing Research group, BYM supports the move of money away from nuclear weapons.

Steven Pinker lecture on violence

Is violence inherent in human psyche? Are we living among increasing conflicts or a long peace?

Meeting for peace and reconciliation

A Zoom meeting to share and reflect on issues arising from the present situation.

Friendship February

To show solidarity with Palestine from afar, why not consider forming a twinning or friendship group?

News and Announcements from Keighley Quaker Meeting

On this day the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into force,

Nuclear Weapons Are Banned

We have a banner up at the meeting house to recognise the treaty coming in to force.

Nuclear weapons become illegal under international law

On Friday 22 January nuclear weapons become banned under international law.

Quakers lobby Lords on Overseas Operations Bill

Quakers were mentioned twice in a debate about the Overseas Operations Bill in the House of Lords this week,

Online event: Conference for peace education

Got a passion for peace and learning?

The Peace Crane Project

Are your students ready to change the world?

The Doctors Tale

THE DOCTOR’S TALE is a version by actor/playwright Michael Mears of NAGASAKI 1945,

The Mistake

a new play about the day the world changed forever


THE PRIEST'S TALE is an adaptation by actor/playwright Michael Mears of one of the survivor’s accounts from

This EVIL THING - A lockdown movie

Just over 100 years ago, British conscientious objectors were locked down

Nuclear Ban Treaty events - Cambridge

Cambridgeshire Quakers are running a Zoom event:

Nuclear Ban Treaty events - Tottenham

Tottenham Quakers will be holding a commemorative event.

Nuclear Ban Treaty events - NCPO

There are lots of events to celebrate the Nuclear Ban Treaty's entry into force.

This months Appeal

The Peace Museum in Bradford is the the focus for this month appeal.

Quakers welcome historic Nuclear Ban Treaty

The Nuclear Ban Treaty is entering into force as international law on 22 January 2021 – a move welcomed by Quakers in Britain

#UKDefundWar Twitter action - thank you!

Last week's #UKDefundWar Twitter action in opposition to the £24 billion increase in UK military spending,

Making Peace A Priority

"The UK government is hiking military spending by £24 billion for more "global influence"

Join #UKDefundWar Twitter action

The government's pledge to increase UK military spending by a further £24 billion

Quaker faith in action - Newsletter

Dear Friend,
Last month, many of you created beautiful white-poppy-themed posters and crafts to put in your windows.

Spending review fails to deliver

Quakers in Britain called for spending on a green and just recovery from COVID-19

Remembrance Sunday - two perspectives

"we owe it to the next generation to tell of how change can come about and differences dealt with which don’t involve

Overseas Operations Bill passes through Commons

The controversial Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill has passed through the House of Commons.

Preparing for Remembrance

We are preparing for Remembrance whilst bearing in mind that we are in times that invite us to find new ways to engage with

Our charity for the month is EAPPI

Ecumenical Accompanist Programme in Palestine and Israel.

Invitation to attend the Zoom webinar

Listening to Voices from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme for Palestine-Israel (EAPPI)

Quaker Congo Partnership UK

Report of visit to DRCongo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

Roots of Resistance

Campaign to end ties between Huddersfield University and Bahraini police.

Book launch

Invitation to launch of book about Quaker international conciliation work.

Take action for peace

Could you spend three months in Palestine and Israel next year monitoring human rights?

Building a peaceful and just society

Prophets and Reconcilers is a one day conference on Christian and spiritual peace making



What next for Quaker conciliation work?

Quakers have been working to reconcile opposed groups in conflict-ridden areas for decades, but the confidential nature

Book Launch - 'Dining with diplomats, praying with gunmen'

Book launch with author Anne Bennett, illustrator Lynn Finnegan and Quaker conciliator Martin Macpherson

What’s wrong with Prevent?

"Quakers hold tackling the roots of violence to be essential, but in our experience Prevent doesn't do that.

BBC One's Songs of Praise

For Holocaust Memorial Day BBC One's Songs of Praise went to the Library at Friends House in London to find out about the

Eva Pinthus Awards

Awards of up to £5,000 and pastoral support available from the Quaker Peace Studies Trust for students who are studying

Quaker stories: John Reeve

“Sam was my teacher for two years. A surviving soldier of World War I, he had become an ardent pacifist, socialist,

Exploring peace with local young people

Find out how a Quaker group reached out to local children over the summer to share a message of peace,

Quaker Activist Gathering Day

We are excited to be running our popular Quaker Activist Gathering for the fifth consecutive year. It's an annual day-long

Saltaire Day of Dance and Singing

A Day of Dance and Singing at Victoria Hall Saltaire in aid of CND

The Peace Museum

The Peace Museum will open for a special evening event to mark the end of the Kindertransport display.

Independence FROM America demo

At the main gate - Menwith Hill HG3 2RF

Sunday Worship - A Question of Conscience

This was broadcasted on the 29th May on BBC Radio 4. You can still hear it untill 26th June

London - Feb 2014

Dear Friends Sylvia has been in court in London today and I have just seen the following write up and photo see attached

Remembering the Men who said “NO!”

Ring for further details

Quakers respond to terrorism

As Parliament prepares to debate next steps in Syria, Quakers in Britain have made this statement.

100 years of conscientious objection

In March 2016 it is 100 years since Britain introduced the legal right to conscientious objection to military service.

Reimagining Security: an alternative

Celia McKeon, Assistant Secretary, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Conscience, Taxes for peace not war.

A voice for peace, I am writing from Conscience, an organisation started by Quaker Stanley Keeble nearly 40 years ago.

For Conscience Sake

(by Plain Quakers) which explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One

For Conscience Sake

(by Plain Quakers) which explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One

Plain Quakers are offering a new play,

For Conscience Sake, which explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One

Rawdon Amnesty Concerts

at Rawdon Meeting House
free with a collection for Amnesty International.

Aims of Quaker Peace and Social Witness

The Global Attack on Human Rights

a lecture by Colm Ó Cuanacháin Senior Director, Office of the Secretary General Amnesty International.

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

70 years on - Vigil for quit reflection with words and song.

Edward Snowden is Citizenfour

CitizenFour is an amazing film and really should be shown to every adult and school child in the land.

The First International Women's Peace Congress, April 1915

In February 1915, Aletta Jacobs, a Dutch feminist, invited some of the women she knew from the suffrage movement

Conscientious Objectors in Settle in the Great War

Settle has been researching the stories of the local conscientious objectors of a hundred years ago.

Trident: Time to move on will you join?

With the election too close to call, there is a real possibility that May will deliver a centre left government,

Global Day of Action on Military Spending

How would you spend £38 billion?
Fight wars, tackle climate change
Fund arms or fund hospitals.

“Singing in the Dark Times”: A Call to Action

A review by: Roger Ellis of “Singing in the Dark Times” performed at: Bush Hall London.

The Struggle for Palestinian self-determination:

New challenges and opportunities in the 21st century at the Norcroft Centre with Saeb Erekat, Plus Book Launch.

War Resisters in Britain during the First World War

Sylvia in London

Most of us will have seen the email sent round by Ken, I post it here again for those of you who may have missed it.

Charity cards

Northern Friends Peace Board (NFPB)

Talk - The Living stones cry out

Area Meeting

Supporting Palestinian farmers


During the 1st World War on Christmas Day1914 an amazing thing happened.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembered

Hiroshima/Nagasaki remembered

Independence Day From America

Occupied Gaza - A liveable place?

"Occupied Gaza - A liveable place?" talk by Hilary Browne, 7.30pm Meeting House.

Occupied Gaza – A liveable place?

Quaker statement in Gaza


African greate lakes initiative

Talking Together - Dialogue Skills

Accountability of American Bases

Support Quaker Peacemaking in Palestine and Israel

Peace Lecture

World without torture

Building Peace from the local to the global

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