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historical notes on Quakers.

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Quakerism - Active Meetings. Quakerism - Historical Yorkshire. Just everything!. Groups/Organisations.

Quakers, radicals and witches: a walk back in time on Pendle Hill

A writer from "The Guardian" climbs Pendle Hill exploring it's history of Radicals including George Fox.

In the foot steps of George Fox

George Fox is one of the Pendle Hill's extraordinary change makers. Walk in the radicals footsteps across this landscape.

Freedom Lunch, Talk & Walk

Celebrate Amnesty's 50th birthday and Quaker work for human rights with Settle friends.

Quaker Origins in the North of England

The Quaker movement was born in the northern counties during the turbulent years of the Civil War and Cromwell’s Republic.

Keighley Quakers

Taken from a Keighley news cliping of 1936 quoting Ald. W. A. Brigg on local Quaker history. (From a meeting on the 26/9/36)

Old News Clippings

Found in Keighley Library, a clipping from 1936, exact date unknown. Recording comments made Alderman Brigg.

Early chapter in Quaker history

A clipping found in Kighley Library from Keighley News of 1931 (April)

House for £41

From a newspaper clipping (Keighley News) found in Keighley Library.

The Quakers of Keighley

The New Meeting House - Opening Events

Keighley Meeting House

Keighley Meeting meets in what might be called the "New" meeting house, as there was an older one.

New Friends Meeting House

A clipping found in Keighley Library from The Keighley News of September 1936

The New Meeting House

A picture kept in the meeting house, but what is the story behind it and do we know who is in it?

Airton - A Year in Poems

The unique atmosphere and environment of Airton Meeting House and Malhamdale have drawn Friends and visitors for generations.

Riding for Equality

Inspired by faith and disturbed by rising social and economic inequality

Saltaire Day of Dance and Singing

A Day of Dance and Singing at Victoria Hall Saltaire in aid of CND

The Peace Museum

The Peace Museum will open for a special evening event to mark the end of the Kindertransport display.


Huddersfield Quakers are delighted to host this event with Israeli peace activist Sahar Vardi who’s on a rare visit to the UK

Quaker response to the rise in racism and hate crime since the referendum.

The outcome of the EU referendum has led to an alarming rise in racist attacks across the country.

Adam Curle Peace Conference

Peaceful Relations and the Transformation of the World
An Academic-Practitioner Dialogue on Peace in the 21st Century.

Planning for Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day

Please join us in preparing for our vigil to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Saturday 6th August 8am - 9am.

Vigil to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Vigil to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Saturday 6th August 8am - 9am.

Kathie and Sylvia's visit to Attomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield

Trident Ploughshares Month of Action at Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield.

Independence FROM America demo

At the main gate - Menwith Hill HG3 2RF

Sunday Worship - A Question of Conscience

This was broadcasted on the 29th May on BBC Radio 4. You can still hear it untill 26th June

Vision for a criminal justice system

a view from the Quaker Peace & Social Witness Crime, Community & Justice Sub-committe

London - Feb 2014

Dear Friends Sylvia has been in court in London today and I have just seen the following write up and photo see attached

Concern about the Arms Trade

John Cope spoke about Sylvia Boyes concern about the Arms Trade.

Remembering the Men who said “NO!”

Ring for further details

Quakers respond to terrorism

As Parliament prepares to debate next steps in Syria, Quakers in Britain have made this statement.

100 years of conscientious objection

In March 2016 it is 100 years since Britain introduced the legal right to conscientious objection to military service.

Norther Friends Peace Board Update Oct 2015

We produced the update before the most recent terrorist incidents in Paris.

Human Rights and work of Amnesty International.

after meeting there will be a short introduction to Human Rights and work of Amnesty International.

Quaker United Nations Summer School

Please tell any young people you know who may be interested in learning more about the United Nations (UN)

Welfare Reform and Work Bill

which is going to be debated in the House of Commons on Monday 20 July.

For Conscience Sake

(by Plain Quakers) which explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One

For Conscience Sake

(by Plain Quakers) which explores the choices faced by conscientious objectors in World War One

Picking Up The Threads

The Yorkshire Special Archives.

The Chocolate Paradox

1652 development weekend.

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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