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Section: Social action

positively working within society.

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Strengthening Quaker work around the world

As we meet, it will be so good to know we are held in the light by the Friends we serve around the world."

COP26: next steps for climate justice

"...instead of delivering on their moral duty to financially support those at the sharp end of the climate crisis,

Keep up the pressure for change

Watch a video on Quakers at COP26

Petition on Policing Bill

The UK government is trying to pass new legislation to limit the right to protest.

Faith leaders unite against Policing Bill

"The new restrictions on peaceful processions and assemblies present a grave threat to civil liberties in this country..."

COP26 begins

International meeting for worship on COP26

Taking action against the arms fair

The DSEI arms fair is due to take place this September in East London.

Mobilising and organising for a better future

Fran Hicks draws on her experiences of Extinction Rebellion

Making a difference: a new approach to political engagement

Bolton Quakers share how their meeting is taking a new approach to support each other's witness in the world.

Messages for COP26

Lin Patterson, is collecting messages

Afghan refugees

Quakers urge UK government to recognise responsibility for Afghan refugees

QSA launches free online wellbeing course for men

Society is finally recognising the challenges many people face with their mental health.

Quaker Question Time

John Bird, founder of The Big Issue Group and member of the House of Lords,

Everyday solidarity: love in action

"For me, the word 'solidarity' conjures thoughts, feelings, and actions that are rooted in mutuality, cooperation,

Manchester & Warrington Area Meeting vigil for justice

On 4 and 5 June, Friends from Manchester and Warrington Area Meeting held a vigil

Racial justice and the Policing Bill

Teresa Parker explains how the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

A new approach to living out our faith in action

"Some speak of this as the work of our charity, but I sit more comfortably with the phrase 'living out our faith in action'

Responding to homelessness

Are you concerned about homelessness and considering responding as part of a Quaker meeting or other group?

Love & Dying

Isle of Wight based documentary makers David & Jill George have released their film 'Love & Dying'

Churches Together

Between 18th and the 25th January is the week of prayer for Christian unity.

Churches Together

Between 18th and the 25th January is the week of prayer for Christian unity.

Churches together

Between 18th and the 25th January is the week of prayer for Christian unity.

Tide turning and tidal waves

Lisa Cumming shares her reflections on 2020,

Joining together to build back better

Since the launch of the wider campaign in June, Quakers in Britain have been working to 'build back better'

Human Rights Day 2020

On global Human Rights Day 110 groups from across the UK issued an open letter to the Prime Minister and political leaders,

Treatment for ME and CFS

The excerpts below are part of the draft for new guidelines to health professionals in the NHS about patients with M.E.

Quaker Housing Trust

An exciting project in the Calder Valley being supported by Quaker Housing Trust.

Become a Quaker Social Action (QSA) trustee

Are you looking for a small, influential organisation that will make the most of your time, energy and skills?

Building understanding and tolerance in a divided society

Bridging divides isn't just about building unity but becoming more comfortable in our disunity, says Oliver Robertson.


Quaker communities of all sizes rely on individual Friends serving in roles.

New publication from Land Value Tax group

The Quaker Land Value Tax Group has produced the enclosed publication

2nd national gathering on diversity and inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Gathering will build on the 2019 event and prepare Friends for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020.

Does punishment work?

Home Secretary Priti Patel says she wants criminals to 'literally feel terror at the thought of committing offences'.

A delicious way to make a difference

As the Bake the Difference programme returns for its second year at Friends House, we reflect on the highs and lows of Year

2020 QPSW Spring Conference

Quaker witness takes many forms – it can be both personal and shared, loud and quiet,

Preparing for a general election

General elections are a key opportunity to influence future decisionmakers

Quaker faith in action

It's hard to know where to start with this month's update – there is so much to report!

Quaker Activist Gathering 2019

At the Quaker Activist Gathering we will gather as a community of Quakers and Quaker-curious people for an intergenerational,

Statement from some Churches in UK to the United Nations in New York.

Churches from across the United Kingdom give thanks for the moral courage being exhibited by all the countries participating

Advert for Ecumenical Accompaniers

Based in the West Bank and Israel for 2018 for three months’ service

Prayer meeting

Churches Together in Keighley - Prayer meeting at our Meeting House

Quakers oppose cuts to welfare benefits

Quakers in Britain have signed up to a report called Enough which says the government proposal to change people’s behaviour

West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council

Highlights from the meeting on 6 May 2015, attended by Eva Pinthus of Otley Meeting.

Truth Lies and the Spirit Level.

Sylvia in London

Most of us will have seen the email sent round by Ken, I post it here again for those of you who may have missed it.

Charity cards

Support needed by Salvation Army

'Quaker Work Around The World

Women and the Criminal Justice System

Palestine Produce

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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