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Section: Mental well being

including all forms of positive well being.

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Free Therapy Sessions

Things are still difficult for many people . . . .

Support group meeting

Quaker Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (QWSCSA) offers mutual support to survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Mental health course

Our mental well-being may include pain and joy, self-knowledge, acceptance and honest relationships.

Exploring equality, truth and privilege in mental health

What is the role of a faith community in upholding wellbeing and mental health?

Dementia in our Quaker meetings

Dementia in our Quaker meetings offers thoughts on being together in a Quaker community when dementia is present.

Opening the door to conversation about mental health

This 2.5 hour workshop gives Quakers the opportunity to talk about mental health and well-being

A Quaker approach to mental health

For some the pandemic's impact on mental health will have brought new and challenging experiences.

Mental health course

A face-to-face day retreat for Quakers who work in mental health. A day to care for yourself, to reflect, to rest.

Mental health and Quakers

During the pandemic many of us have been feeling isolated, depressed and more anxious than usual.

The Retreat - The Future

Over 200 years of Quaker involvement in services for people in need of mental health care to enable them to live

Free mindfulness sessions

Quaker Social Action is hosting a free online mindfulness course.

Mental Health

Mental Health: Quaker Approaches is a great new online Woodbrooke course which starts on 1 February 2021.

Covid Support And Advice In Our District

We know that most of us have been affected by Coronavirus somehow and in some way. If you're finding things hard right now,

Supporting mental health

Reports in the press have highlighted the negative effect the Covid-19 pandemic

A Day Retreat for Quakers who work in mental health

A day of worship, reflection, sharing, connections and gentle activities. There is no charge for the day

Mental Health Conversations

This is a new report, based on conversations with Friends who have lived experience of mental health problems.


Mental health in community
exploring the impact of community on mental health, considering

Reflections on the April QiY meeting at The Retreat York.

This meeting proved to be one of the most popular of recent years,

Quakers in Yorkshire: (Report) A day at The Retreat

A record attendance of‭ ‬124‭ ‬Friends at Quakers in Yorkshire day meeting in April which was held at the Retreat,‭ ‬York.

Learn about Yoga cleansing practices.

New Project

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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