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Section: Gender, sexuality and self identification

recognition of and support of.

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Woodbrooke brochure

Welcome to our latest brochure of courses and sessions. This includes all our current offerings up to October.

Men! What can you do to help fight misogyny?

Over several weeks this was a very strong theme for the meeting. This was suggested worth listening to for all of us.

Why the nuclear debate must uplift women’s voices

"What happens when we look at nuclear issues with women in frame?"

Woodbrooke course: The Genesis of Gender

Explore the richness of gender in the Hebrew Bible. Focusing on the book of Genesis,

Survey - 'elders' and 'overseers'

What does ‘overseer’ mean to you? Should we change how we describe elders?

International Women’s Day Keighley 2020

The event at the Airedale Shopping Centre will include speakers; activities; stalls; information; entertainment and much more

Young peoples books of the month


A Quaker take on... Sex

What do Quakers think about sex, sexuality and spirituality? How can we all talk with young people about relationships,

In the Media/The Guardian

two Quakers shared their connections to Quakerism and how they came to live together.

Principles for a New Economy

QPSW is pleased to launch its New Economy project.

Quakers oppose cuts to welfare benefits

Quakers in Britain have signed up to a report called Enough which says the government proposal to change people’s behaviour

The Global Attack on Human Rights

a lecture by Colm Ó Cuanacháin Senior Director, Office of the Secretary General Amnesty International.

Epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting 2015

Minute 25: Responding to social inequality and injustice: housing as a tested concern.

Britain Yearly Meeting Statement

On Economic inequality in Britain.
Government cuts: welfare benefits.

Quaker Equality Week Starts

This is being organised by Manchester and Warrington Social Justice Group (supported by QP&SW).

Women and the Criminal Justice System

(Please note that any un-titled image could be of any Quaker meeting in the north of England)

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