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Autumn 2014: Discussion group will be continuing this Autumn, starting in September (keep ypur eye on the diary for dates). The first session is usualy to agree a progam for the forth comming term. Every body is most welcome to come and join in. For further details contact: Rosemary @

Autumn term 2012: Two discussion groups, one meeting Monday evenings the other meeting Tuesdays, both fortnightly. The theme for both is: Looking at Chapter 10 of Quaker Faith and Practice 'Belonging to a Quaker Meeting'. See Diary for dates.

Summer term 2012 - Expected dates are: 2nd, 16th and 30th April. (and every 2 weeks)
The group will continue to look at: Quaker Faith and Practice Chapter 19 ("Openings") which looks at turning-point moments of inspiration / insight experienced by individual Friends of earlier generations.

Spring term 2012, Starts 9th January 2012. Carrying on with the autumn program. Do not feel you need to commit your self to every session, feel free to come when you can.  For more details contact David

This autumn term (2011) the group is working through the section in "Quaker faith and Practice" called: Reflections, and seeing what it says to us as individuals.
Last date for this term is the 12th December 2011

Previous discussions has involved working through chosen sections of "Becoming Friends, Living and Learning with Quakers"


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