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High Flatts Quaker Meeting (Huddersfield)

Address: Friends Meeting House 9 Quaker Bottom High Flatts HUDDERSFIELD West Yorkshire HD8 8XU See Map
Meeting Times: Sundays 10:45

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Directions: directions from Sovereign junction: follow A629 south for a couple of miles, continuing beyond Birds Edge until opposite Windmill Lane on right when you should turn down unadopted lane on left. (Look out for wooden Meeting House sign in field at top of lane and telephone box on main road.) Once down the lane, Meeting House is last building on left, before burial ground. Access path is signed and on left before old farm house. To avoid disturbance to neighbours: Please park considerately on the lane itself before Meeting House path, on the left, not on cobbled yard. Or park at top of lane and walk down if able.

Key dates, Start:1665 and end date: 0001

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A Meeting known as Denby [Dale] and Hoyland [Swaine] was first recorded in 1665 as part of Pontefract Monthly Meeting; by 1669 it was known simply as Denby. It drew in Friends from Wooldale, Holmfirth, Hoylandswaine, Langsett and Midhope Hall, as well as Denby Dale itself. Its members included Henry Dickenson, Thomas Ellis, John Swift, Richard Priest, Amor and John Moxon, and John Woodhouse, many of whom had been convinced in the 1650s. Henry Jackson (1633-1710) of Totties was a local First Publisher of Truth and a friend of William Dewsbury. The earliest cases of sufferings for the area date from 1660 when a group of Friends from Holmfirth were imprisoned for refusing to take the oath of allegiance and for holding meetings. Friends met in private houses throughout the area, such as Lane Head house, home of the Firth family, until a Meeting House was acquired in 1697 in the hamlet of High Flatts. The Meeting was known as High Flatts from as early as 1678, as documented by Monthly Meeting minutes. In the early 1700s Pontefract Monthly Meeting began to meet there and the Meeting House was substantially rebuilt in 1755. Modernised in 1984, it is still in use. Adjoining land was used as a burial ground. Meetings at Lane Head were discontinued by 1768. At its peak in the late 18th century, High Flatts was one of the largest and wealthiest Meetings in this part of Yorkshire. A solid Quaker community had grown up in the area with wide influence, both as a religious group, and in agricultural and related activities. The size of the Meeting was reduced by the creation of Wooldale as an independent Meeting in 1792 and the transfer of Friends living nearer to Huddersfield to Paddock Meeting around the same period. Meetings for worship were held in Lumbroyd between 1767 and 1847, but Friends remained part of High Flatts Preparative Meeting. The Meeting closed for a period from 1977 until 1980, and is still in existence.

Meeting HouseBuilt around1652

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