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Scarhouse Quaker Meeting

Address: unmade road from church HUBBERHOILME North Yorkshire County BD23 5JE See Map
Meeting Times: Private house

Location OS grid ref: SD 9212178874

Directions: Park outside Hubberholme church. Walk up the farm track leading from the side of the church, for about 2 miles. There is no parking at the top. The marker is set over the Quaker Burial Ground.

Key dates, Start:0001 and end date: 0001

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History of the place:
Scar House, above Hubberholme became a Quaker meeting House following a visit from George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement in 1652. There is a Quaker burial ground adjacent to the cottage, (the cottqage is now owned by the National Trust and operated as a holiday cottage)

In Langstrothdale, Fox’s destination was Scarhouse, the home of James Tennant, who also had land in Skipton. This substantial house and land, including a plot used as an early Quaker burial ground, had been leased from the Earl of Cumberland in 1650. As a result of Fox’s visit, the Tennants became Quakers and their home was for many years a Friends meeting place. In 1677 it was the scene of a large gathering of Friends addressed by George Fox. James Tennant was imprisoned in York Castle in 1655 for refusing to pay church tithes. From Scarhouse, Fox travelled to Sedbergh, where he met with and convinced many Seekers, including Thomas and Christopher Taylor, and others of the truthfulness of his religious insights, and then westward to Swarthmoor Hall, where Margaret Fell dedicated her talents and her house to creating an administrative centre and spiritual home for the emerging Religious Society. In addition to the Yearly and Monthly Meetings mentioned by Fox, General meetings of Friends in the North were held alternately in Skipton and at Scale House near Rylstone and a major regional gathering at Scarhouse in Langstrothdale was addressed by him in 1677. (From North Craven heritage.)

Samuel Watson was as an Elder, as these responsible Friends came to be called, that Samuel Watson attended the first great gathering of Friends at Scalehouse near Skipton in 1658, sent to represent Settle and Yorkshire with James Tennant of Scarhouse in Langstrothdale.(from: Samuel Watson (c1618-1708) of Knight Stainforth Hall, Quaker.) A report from Settle Monthly Meeting dated 1704 says that: "George Fox at his first coming into the north. which was in the year 1652. was directed to the house of James Tennant. called Scarhouse. in Langsthrethdale ... where a meeting was soon settled and is continued to this day".(from Kirby Malham info)   "At Scarhouse there was a very large meeting, and at Burrowby another, to which Friends came out of Cleveland and Durham; and many other meetings we have had. At York, yesterday, we had a very large meeting, exceedingly thronged, Friends being at it from many parts, and all quiet, and well satisfied. Oh the glory of the Lord that shone over all! (GF writting to his "Dear Hart" in 1677 - "The Last Imprisonment")   Settle Monthly Meeting membership: Scarhouse (later Starbotton, then Langstrothdale) (1669-1785); and Settle (c.1652-1853, 1924-to date). (Researching Yorkshire Quaker history, A guide to sources, Compiled by Helen E Roberts, for the Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project)   Scarhouse server as a meeting house until 1719 - include material from pdf Wharfedale quaker sites.

Notes:from book Friends Trusts" This is possibly the earliest piece of property acquired by the Society. This was in 1650, for the yearly rent of one penney (Hodgson's "The spciety of Friends in Bradford")

This old burial Ground was originally under the control of Richmond Monthly Meeting, and included in their Deeds. In 1908 (old)Brighouse Monthly Meeting was asked to take charge of the property as it is situated within its boundaries, and to appoint trustees. It appears to be leashold. The Farmhouse, in which Meetings used to be held, does not belong to the Societs.

Controlled by Joint Trust Funds Committee
Trustees:- Edwin de HorneRowntree, John Roland Whitting.

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